Re-brand and Web Design



PIXEL began as a magazine layout project in one of my college classes which included creating a cover and contents page via Adobe Indesign and using other programs in the Adobe Creative Suite to create additional assets. It was created with one of my passions in mind, videogames. In a later class it was further developed to have an online prescence as we shift further and further into the digital age. A videogame news website was created to ensure that the user base could have an easy place to access all their videogame news.


The Problem

As PIXEL was a newly formed brand creating and selling magazines they needed branding and a logo created for them. They also need curated content and copy to create the magazine. As the brand began it’s transition into a digital form the need for a website arised to host their posts and articles.

The Solution

My solution was to design a magazine that tailored heavily to their target demographic and keep the imagery and text related to videogames as that is their main focus. The logo was created with a retro 8-bit feel in mind. The website was created to be a news site so users could easily find articles pertaining to their interests by perusing the categories of checking out related posts.