Re-brand and Web Design



A new and modern take on the Games + Grounds brand identity including logos, packaging solutions, a brand style guide, collateral and website design. This was a project created during my time at college . I saw it through from its initial start as a re-brand through to the creation of the brands online presence align side the real client.


The Problem

Games and Grounds current logo is a bit too busy and outdated for the modern age. The also don’t have much in the ways of online prescence. They currently only have a facebook that is being updated for information on the business. Some information was also outdated and/or hard to find so they had really needed a place that was up to date and hosted all of the answers to any of the questions customers may wonder.

The Solution

My solution was to simplify the logo while still keeping the charm that makes games and grounds special. I also fleshed out the brand by designing collateral with the new logo, colour palette, and tone of voice in mind. I created a brand book as a resource to be easily referred to if any questions arise. Lastly, to solve their web presence issue, I designed a new website with the user experience in mind and created it via WordPress.


The logo was redesigned with simplicity in mind with a unique touch. I had wanted to keep games and grounds differentiating factor present while still representing that it is a coffee shop. To do this I created a video game controller icon with a coffee mug in the negative space of the middle.

Old Games and Grounds Logo
Old Logo
New Games + Grounds Logo
New Logo

I had designed the website after some user research and development was done to ensure I was creating a product that would actually solve customer problems. I had created user personas to assist in visualizing a task flow for someone other than myself. This led me to sorting out which pages I would need to have and where content would have to go. The website portion of this project was also created with Games + Grounds as my client so I had to keep their wishes in mind as well when designing. They had stated in the intake meeting that they had wanted an minimal and sleek web page as they had a past website that was too busy and cluttered for their liking. This is what led me to my final design which had only the minimum needed while still telling customers all they would want to know about Games + Grounds.